Q Acoustics Media 3 garso projektorius

Q Acoustics Media 3 garso projektorius

Gamintojas: Q Acoustics
Prekės kodas: Q Acoustics M3
Mato vnt.: vnt.
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Kaina: 249,00 €399,00 € Be mokesčių: 205,79 €

The M3 is simplicity redefined where beautifully engineered sound meets beautiful design. M3 is an elegant, compact soundbar, designed to bring life to your living room without the clutter of a full Hi-Fi system.
The M3 is a true plug and play soundbar. Connect it to a television using an HDMI (ARC) input and it becomes one with the TV, Switch on the TV and the M3 automatically brings clarity of speech and a depth of soundscape that transforms the TV sound.

It’s hard to believe something so small delivers such a big, detailed sound. At Q Acoustics we have developed a streamlined acoustic offering that will allow you to discover previously unheard, subtle layers to your movie and music soundtracks through this compact soundbar.
Wide dispersion BMR drivers provide room-filling sound and clarity, whilst the inbuilt subwoofer gives a depth of soundscape that will transform your TV sound. The M3 boasts a MoviEQ control which has been designed to enhance movie sounds tracks, adding more bass; your home will rumble with powerful bass for that full blooded movie experience. To ensure the sound truly matches the picture up to 50ms of Lip Sync adjustment is available, adjustable in 10ms steps.

With Q Acoustics' new Intelligent Pre-Amplifier (IPA) designed to seamlessly integrate into your home setup, connect it into your home entertainment setup using the ARC HDMI input, and forget about it. The M3 becomes one with your TV, leaving you to discover the two sides of this unique product, movie and music.
If you are unable to use an HDMI connection, both analogue (3.5mm jack) and digital (Toslink) are also available and we have taken the time to ensure that the M3 will work with leading satellite and cable infra-red (IR) remote controls to again avoid having multiple Remote Controls.
The M3 also incorporates Bluetooth aptX TM and NFC, which means you have full connectivity and streaming flexibility from any Bluetooth or NFC device. Enjoy your music from your favourite streaming service including iTunes, Spotify, Deezer and Tidal.

We understand that everyone has a different room setup, and that a new gadget should not be intrusive to your current lifestyle, so we have taken the care to ensure your M3 will sound at its absolute best no matter how you place it. Sit it on a shelf, place it in a cabinet, or mount it on a wall, just change the switchable EQ, which adjusts the bass performance to suit each location and let us open your ears and allow you to enjoy movies and music as they were intended.


Stiprintuvo dalis:
• Galia: 80W (2 x 20W + 40W)
• THD : <1.00%
• Dažnių juosta: ±0.5dB 20Hz – 20kHz
• S/N reitingas: -85dB

• 2 x Aukštų-vidutinių dažnių BMR 58mm x 58mm
• 1 x Žemų dažnių DVC (dual voice coil tipo) 100mm x 150mm

Įvestys/ išvestys:
• 1 x HDMI su ARC lizdas 
• 1 x Skaitmeninis optinis įėjimas
• 1 x 3,5 mm AUX įėjimas
• 1 x Analoginis stereo įėjimas
• Bluetooth su aptX ir SBC

Papildomos funkcijos:
• MoviEQ™
• LSG™
• Lip Sync
• Dynamic Bass

Matmenys ir svoris:
• Matmenys: 90 x 1000 x 127 mm
• Svoris: 4.0 kg

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