Q Acoustics Q3020 garso kolonėlės

Q Acoustics Q3020 garso kolonėlės

Gamintojas: Q Acoustics
Prekės kodas: Q Acoustics Q3020
Mato vnt.: pora
1-2 darbo dienos
Kaina: 219,00 €279,00 € Be mokesčių: 180,99 €

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Like its smaller sibling, the medium sized 3020 bookshelf model benefits from the advanced, low distortion, wide dispersion, new 3000 Series Concentric Ring Dome tweeter; uprated ‘audiophile’ crossover and improved low resonance cabinet. In addition, it boasts a larger 125mm drive unit, with the new Aramid Fibre/Paper cone material. This larger driver delivers an extended bass response with fast dynamics, wonderfully open, realistic midrange and an extraordinary ‘being there’ three dimensional soundstage.

The new 3020 is the natural choice for music lovers who want to experience ‘full performance’, superb quality sound in small and medium sized rooms.

The 3000ST or 3000WB allow the 3020 to be stand or wall mounted.

Speaker Specifications

  • Enclosure type:    2-way reflex
  • Bass Unit:    125m
  • Treble Unit:    25mm
  • Frequency Response:    64Hz - 22kHz
  • Nominal Impedance:    6ohm
  • Minimum Impedance:    4.0ohm
  • Sensitivity:    88dB
  • Recommended Power:    25 - 75w
  • Crossover Frequency:    2.9kHz
  • Dimensions H/D/W mm:    260 x 226 x 170
  • Weight:    4.6kg
  • Sold in:    Pairs
  • Warranty:    5 Years

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