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Gamintojas: Sugden Modelis: Sugden Masterclass DAC 4
Masterclass DAC-4 Digital to Analogue Converter The DAC-4 offers a well judged alternative to the plethora of other DAC’s available in the current market.  With sound quality top of the list, our watchword ‘Rescuing music from technology’ could not be more appropriate.  Instead of accepti..
Be PVM:1528,10€
Gamintojas: Chord Electronics Modelis: Hugo2
Geriausias DAC'as What HiFi 2018 metų apdovanojimuose virš £1200 kategorijoje.   Chord Custom FPGA DAC 49,152 Taps 7 hour Battery Life 768kHz Micro USB Input 384kHz Coax Jack Input 192kHz Optical Input Bluetooth Apt X Input 1x ..
1999,00€ 2149,00€
Be PVM:1652,07€
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