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Gamintojas: Music Hall Modelis: Music Hall a15.3
The a15.3 is the perfect choice for someone looking to assemble their first high-end audio system. Connecting a turntable couldn’t be easier with the built-in moving magnet phono preamp. The amp delivers an impressive 50 watts/channel, which is plenty of power to drive the majority of loudspeakers o..
349,00€ 599,00€
Be PVM:288,43€
Gamintojas: Music Hall Modelis: Music Hall a35.2
The a35.2 is a big, powerful sounding integrated amplifier built to fit neatly into the modern household. Geared primarily toward the music lover with a two channel audio system, we have included a Direct AV input (home theater bypass), for those that want to use the amplifier section of the a35.2 t..
429,00€ 799,00€
Be PVM:354,55€
Gamintojas: Sugden Modelis: Sugden Mystro
The Sugden Mystro series amplifier is the introductory model to a world of ‘simply more music’. An integrated amplifier including a phono stage and three line level inputs, with a nominal 50 watts per channel AB output stage, it comprises many innovative audio circuits which are a distillation of S..
1199,00€ 1445,20€
Be PVM:990,91€
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