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Gamintojas: Onkyo Modelis: Onkyo TX-RZ3100
elect2 PlusVector Linear Shaping Circuitry (VLSC)AirPlayMade for iPod iPhone iPadBluetoothTuneInWiFi certifiedAccuEQDeezerHDCP 2.2Dolby AtmosHi-Res Audio384/32Spotify ConnectDTS:XChromecast built-inTIDALFireConnectDynamic Audio Amplification           For Multidimensio..
Be PVM:2478,51€

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Gamintojas: Marantz Modelis: Marantz SR8015
Marantz SR 8015 AV-Receiver 11.2 Chanel Full 8K Ultra HD with Heos Build-In, AirPlay2, Alexa11.2ch. 8K AV Amplifier with 3D Sound and HEOS Built-inMarantz has long set the standard for AV amplifiers combining home theatre prowess with the most musical sound, and the SR8015 takes that capability to u..
Be PVM:2478,51€
Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: NAD T 778
T 778AV Surround Sound ReceiverNAD’s reference Audio Video Receiver (AVR) is a cutting-edge powerhouse for state of the art music and home theater. Well known for our high value/ high performance reputation in the AVR category, the brand’s reference model builds on that legacy with an expansion of u..
Be PVM:2478,51€
Gamintojas: Pioneer Modelis: Pioneer SC-LX904
Pioneer SC-LX904IMAX EnhancedThe SC-LX904 is IMAX Enhanced, certified to deliver the powerful sound just as intended by the filmmaker, and provide the immersive experience on your home theater.ESS 384 kHz/32-bit DACTwo 384 kHz/32-bit ESS DACs (ES9026PRO), same as the ones used for Pioneers PD-70AE S..
Be PVM:2685,12€
Gamintojas: Onkyo Modelis: Onkyo PR-RZ5100
  Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry (VLSCAirPlayMade for iPod iPhone iPadBluetootTuneIWiFi certifieAccuEDeezeHDCP 2.Dolby AtmoHi-Res Audi384/3Spotify ConnecDTS:Chromecast built-iTIDAFireConnec           11.2-Channel Network A/V Controller Make Multidimensional Soun..
Be PVM:2891,74€

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Gamintojas: Marantz Modelis: Marantz AV8805
AV8805 - AV Pradinis stiprintuvasApžvalgaUniversalus Marantz AV8805 pradinis stiprintuvas iš naujo apibrėžia namų kino ir muzikos klausymo potyrį su 13.2 kanalų apdorojimu ir visais naujausiais daugiakanaliais garso formatais. Su Dolby Atmos, DTS:X ar Auro-3D Jūs galite pasinerti į itin tikroviška t..
Be PVM:3718,18€
Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: M17V2i
CONNECTIONS: LINE INPUT/PRE OUTHDMIUp to 4KUHDCoaxial0.5 VppEthernetRJ45 10/100/1000 EthernetLINE LEVEL INPUTInput Impedance (R and C) 56kΩ + 220pFInput Sensitivity 40mV (ref. 500mV out)Maximum Input Signal>8VrmsSignal/Noise Ratio, A-weighted >90dB (ref. 500mV in, 500mV out, volume set to unit..
Be PVM:5578,51€
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