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Pioneer SE-NC31C ausinės

Pioneer SE-NC31C ausinės
Pioneer SE-NC31C ausinės
Pioneer SE-NC31C ausinės
Pioneer SE-NC31C ausinės

Active Noise Cancellation

Enjoy all the details of your favorite music with active noise cancellation. Perfect for flying or any other environment where ambient noise takes away from your entertainment, the SE-NC31C-K earbud headphones remove up to 90% of ambient noise so you can enjoy your entertainment*. If you prefer not to listen with noise cancellation, simply turn the power switch to off and you can still enjoy your music. The SE-NC31C-K also features a "Monitor" button that mutes the music and turns off noise-cancellation so that you can hear the sounds around you.  And with a class-leading 120 hour battery life, you've got hours and hours of listening enjoyment.

Big Sound in a Small Package

The SE-NC31C-K's compact size makes it ideal for travelling and other on-the-go activities. And that size doesn't have to compromise sound quality.  These noise canceling earbud headphones feature a larger 14.3mm drivers for dynamic performance and deep bass.The SE-NC31C-K includes velour storage pouch, 4 ear tip sizes, in-flight plug adapter and AAA battery.

Tipas - pilnai uždaros dinaminės ausinės
Dažnių juosta - 5 - 16.000 Hz 
Varža – 34,5 įjungus, 18,5 omų išjungus aktyvų triukšmo slopinimą
Maksimalus įėjimo galingumas – 10mW
Jautrumas - 103 dB
Garsiakalbio skersmuo – 14,2 mm
Kištukas - 3,5 mm 3P mini-plug (paauksuotas)
Kabelio ilgis - 1,4 m
Svoris - 28 g ( be laido)

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Pioneer SE-NC31C ausinės
Be PVM: 70,25€
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  • Modelis: Pioneer SENC31C
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