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Gamintojas: Yamaha Modelis: Yamaha NSF51
This high performance floor-standing speaker uses a two-way, three-speaker configuration with two 16cm (6-1/2”) cone woofers and one 3cm (1”) soft dome tweeter for beautifully clear sound with immensely powerful bass. A perfect match for large-screen TVs. A home theatre speaker system that provid..
Be PVM:329,75€
Gamintojas: Tannoy Modelis: tannoy Platinum F6
PLATINUM F6The PLATINUM F6 offers outstanding performance and value. Perfect for larger rooms, these visually striking and perfectly proportioned speakers boast ultra-low levels of distortion. The loudspeakers deliver a smooth quality sound allowing you to turn up the volume without losing detail an..
599,00€ 899,00€
Be PVM:495,04€
Gamintojas: Q Acoustics Modelis: Q Acoustics Q3050i
LEADING TECHNOLOGY; OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE The Q 3050i speakers boast a range of unique technologies including HPE™ and P2P™ to ensure these floorstanding speakers deliver a truly exceptional sound. HPE™ (Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer) technology designed to convert pressure to velocity and redu..
699,00€ 899,00€
Be PVM:577,69€
Gamintojas: Monitor Audio Modelis: Monitor Audio Monitor 200
Monitor 3G serija Dviejų su puse juostų  (2.5 cm C-CAM® aukštų, 2 x MMP®II 14 cm vidutinių - žemų dažnių garsiakalbiai) 88 dB/W/m jautrumo 8 omų ant grindų statomos kolonėlės. Atkuriamų dažnių juosta 40–30,000 Hz (±3dB). Rekomenduojama stiprintuvo galia 30-120W. Matmenys (a x p x g):..
Be PVM:582,64€
Gamintojas: Cambridge Audio Modelis: Cambridge Audio SX-80
SX80 FLOORSTANDING SPEAKER Galimos apdailos: matinė juoda.Komplekte yra: kolonėlių uždangalai, spygliai, vartotojo vadovasAtkuriamų dažnių juosta: 40 - 20.000HzJuostų skaičius: 22.5cm šilkinis aukštų dažnių garsiakalbis2 x 16.5cm popieriniai žemų - vidutinių dažnių garsiakalbiaiJautrumas: 87dBVar..
Be PVM:660,33€
Gamintojas: Monitor Audio Modelis: monitor audio bronze 200
Bronze 200Our beautifully proportioned Bronze 200 floorstanding speakers deliver a surprisingly large sound. Replete with class-leading Monitor Audio technology they offer the perfect ratio of performance to size.Blending audiophile performance with graceful proportions these sleek floor standing sp..
Be PVM:742,98€
Gamintojas: Monitor Audio Modelis: Monitor Audio Monitor 300
Monitor 3G serija Dviejų su puse juostų  (2.5 cm C-CAM aukštų ir 2 x MMP®II 16.5 cm vidutinių - žemų dažnių garsiakalbiai) 90 dB/W/m jautrumo, 8? ant grindų statomos kolonėlės. Atkuriamų dažnių juosta 35–30,000 Hz (±3dB). Rekomenduojama stiprintuvo galia 40-150W. Matmenys (a x p x g): 97 ..
Be PVM:752,07€
Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB Alpha T20
Lifelike acoustics and detailThe T20 uses a ¾” (19mm) black anodized aluminium dome tweeter to extend the high-frequency response further than any Alpha ever before while lowering distortion to deliver a lush soundstage full of details. Unlike lesser designs at this price, all of the new Alpha Serie..
Be PVM:784,30€
Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB Imagine X1T
Size-defying powerThe Imagine X1T Tower is a dual-woofer transitional two-and-a-half way speaker with identical 5¼” (133mm) woofers that work together at the lowest frequencies but crossover at different frequencies to integrate better with room acoustics and give the best dispersion and power respo..
989,00€ 1399,00€
Be PVM:817,36€
Gamintojas: Yamaha Modelis: Yamaha NS777
3-Way Bass-Reflex Tower Speaker System. The EF (Elliptical Form) Series feature Waveguide horns, PMD (Polymer-injected Mica Diaphragm) woofers and highest quality internal Monster Cable wiring for total enjoyment of digital movie sound and music sources, plus elegant Yamaha traditional piano finish ..
Be PVM:908,26€
Gamintojas: Davis Acoustics Modelis: Davis Acoustics Dhavani
Nominal POWER : 130 W Max POWER : 200 W Number of ways : 3 Number of drivers : 4 Sensitivity : 93 dB Band-width : 30-20000 Hz Tweeter  : soft dome 25mm Midrange: Fiberglass  cone 13 cm Woofer:  2x21 cm carbon/paper Cut Off frequencies : 400/4000 Hz Dimensions (cm) : 23 ..
Be PVM:991,74€
Gamintojas: Davis Acoustics Modelis: Davis Acoustics Stentaure LE
Nominal POWER : 120 W Max POWER : 180 W Number of ways : 2 Number of drivers : 3 Sensitivity : 95 dB Band-width : 40-20000 Hz Tweeter :  horn tweeter  1‘‘ PEEK Woofer:  paper cone  2x17 cm Cut Off frequencies : 3000Hz Dimensions (cm) : 20 x 31 x 100 Weight  : 20 kg..
Be PVM:1053,72€
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