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Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: NAD PP2e
PP 2ePhono PreamplifierThe PP 2e Phono Preamplifier offers superb performance in a clean and simple package. Perfect for the budget-conscious audiophile, the PP 2e’s moving coil/moving magnet input selector provides different phono cartridge options. This allows the PP 2e to be paired with any turnt..
Be PVM:180,99€
Gamintojas: Cambridge Audio Modelis: Cambridge Audio ALVA SOLO
ALVA SOLOMOVING MAGNET PHONO PREAMPLIFIEREnjoy every last detail from your vinyl collection with our highest quality moving magnet phono stage, the Solo Phono Preamplifier.VINYL AS IT’S SUPPOSED TO SOUNDWhether you’re dusting off your record collection or embracing analogue through the vinyl revival..
Be PVM:189,26€
Gamintojas: Graham Slee Modelis: Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Communicator
"Low on frills, high on quality, the aptly named Communicator comes highly recommended." - [5-stars, What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, June 2013] The best spent £180 on a phono preamp! Since its introduction in 2001 the budget Gram Amp 2 continues to communicate what's in the groove - nothing ca..
Be PVM:205,79€
Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: NADPP4
PP 4Digital Phono USB PreamplifierWith the addition of the PP 4 to your home system, the LPs you cherish the most come alive in the form of expansive and rich sound. Offering superb and measured sonic performance, NAD combines two simple solutions – the PP 4 Digital Phono and the USB Preamplifier – ..
Be PVM:230,58€
Gamintojas: Cambridge Audio Modelis: Cambridge Audio ALVA DUO
ALVA DUOMOVING COIL & MOVING MAGNET PHONO PREAMPSqueeze every inch of detail from your record collection with our highest quality moving magnet and moving coil phono stage, with integrated headphone amp; the Duo Phono Preamplifier.TECH SPECSMAX POWER CONSUMPTION10WCARTRIDGE SUPPORTMoving Magnet ..
Be PVM:288,43€
Gamintojas: Graham Slee Modelis: Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Special Edition
Consistently recommended and awarded throughout its 12+ year history, the Gram Amp 2 SE phono preamp earned its latest 5 star recommendation in the Feb 2014 edition of Hi-Fi Choice: "...the Gram Amp offers a level of musical enjoyment beyond what its price tag suggests" Excellent value for money ..
Be PVM:296,69€
Gamintojas: Graham Slee Modelis: Graham Slee Gram Amp 3 Fanfare
Absolutely unique: the only dedicated entry-level MC phono stage in the world — the Gram Amp 3 'Fanfare' extracts more music from vinyl than you'd think possible for its price and beyond! Completely redesigned in 2009, and as of September 2012 "V3" is housed in our own extruded aluminium slim-lin..
Be PVM:321,49€
Gamintojas: Pure Sound Modelis: Pure Sound T10
The T10 mc transformer is now available. It has been our experience that the best results are achieved when using moving coil cartridges loaded via a correctly matched transformer. The T10 contains two wide bandwidth, custom manufactured transformers with MuMetal cores. The transformers have a step ..
Be PVM:362,81€
Gamintojas: Graham Slee Modelis: Graham Slee Era Gold V
"Gold for the vinyl Era" 2004 to 2014: 10 years on and the iconic Michael Fremer (of Stereophile and Analog Planet) still uses his Era Gold V as reference phono stage... Nine Cartridge Survey Produces Audible Results? Nine Cartridges Reviewed, Compared and File Identities Revealed! Ortof..
Be PVM:495,04€
Gamintojas: Graham Slee Modelis: Graham Slee Reflex M
"Even fresh out of the box, I was struck by its extension, tonal accuracy, and realistic soundstage, especially when compared to CD copies and downloads of the same recordings... An additional week of break-in has opened up the sound even more." [HK, USA] Breaking News: Reflex M At Bristol Sound ..
Be PVM:627,27€
Gamintojas: Exposure Modelis: Exposure XM3
Features Large 200VA custom made toroidal transformer for power supply Multiple power supply capacitors in parallel for low ESR All discrete transistor audio stages High quality resistors & capacitors used in the signal path Separate MM & MC inputs selectable on the back panel Adjust..
Be PVM:742,98€
Gamintojas: Graham Slee Modelis: Graham Slee Elevator XP
The Elevator EXP Pre Preamplifier (shown here with a Reflex M phono stage) preamplifies the signal from a conventional output moving coil phono cartridge to moving magnet cartridge sensitivity. The signal is then fed to a moving magnet phono stage. It's better than a step up transformer because n..
Be PVM:742,98€
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