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Gamintojas: ProAc Modelis: ProAc Black Signature
ProAc Signature Black Speaker cable was engineered by ProAc, for ProAc users, this superb oxygen free copper cable provides sonic benefits regardless of who supplied your speakers originally. Constructed from two runs of 14AWG Oxygen Free Copper conductors, insulated tidily in Teflon foam jackets th..
Be PVM:28,93€
Gamintojas: ProAc Modelis: ProAc Centre Voice
The new ProAc Centre Voice speaker has been designed to give a natural speech and sound quality to give the realism of a Centre Channel in a home cinema system. The Centre Voice uses 2 brand new bass driver similar to those used in the Tablette 10. The Centre Voice also has a wide bandwidth and goo..
Be PVM:825,62€
Gamintojas: ProAc Modelis: ProAc Tablette Ten
The new ProAc Tablette 10 is a tenth generation of the Tablettes launched in 1979. The Tablette 10 is an all new design, using a thin walled heavy damped infinite baffle enclosure which is the same as the BBC LS3/5a. This design allows the Tablette 10 to be positioned against the wall, unlike a port..
Be PVM:990,91€
Gamintojas: ProAc Modelis: ProAc Tablette Ten Signature
Product Description ProAc Tablette 10 Signature Speakers follow the hugely successful introduction of the Tablette 10 in 2017, sharing many of its proven components. Signature Model This new Signature model uses the same cabinet and ProAc soft dome tweeter utilised in the Tablette 10 but the perfor..
Be PVM:1280,17€
Gamintojas: ProAc Modelis: ProAc Response DB Three
Small high quality loudspeakers have become very popular, being less of an eyesore whilst reproducing some quite respectable sound quality. The new Response DB3 has a similar cabinet size to the Response DB1. There are structural and visual differences to the cabinet of the Response DB3, it also emp..
Be PVM:1528,10€
Gamintojas: ProAc Modelis: ProAc Studio 148
ProAc's latest the studio 148 is a narrow columnar design with a stabilising plinth and bass port pre-drilled for adjustable spikes. The beautiful and real wood veneers are impeccable making it suitable for all types of room design. There are 3 drive units in each enclosure, the two 6.5 inch units c..
1999,00€ 2290,00€
Be PVM:1652,07€
Gamintojas: ProAc Modelis: ProAc Studio SM100
The ProAc studio 100 was produced for over 20 years until 2013. They were made for both domestic and studio use. The studio 100 quickly became a favourite in the studios used as a near field monitor For the last 2 years Stewart Tyler has been working on a new speaker named the ProAc SM100 and all p..
Be PVM:1817,36€
Gamintojas: ProAc Modelis: ProAc Response DB One
Small mini monitor type loudspeakers have become very popular for those wishing for a high quality sound with a minimal visual effect. Although the mini monitor type speaker can be quite accurate and indeed sound better than many bigger loudspeakers, which obviously have not been made with the same..
Be PVM:1900,00€
Gamintojas: ProAc Modelis: ProAc response dt8
ProAc invests a great deal of time researching the choice of diaphragm material for their drive units because this is the most important component, transferring cone movement into sound. Some materials excel at certain frequencies and therefore it would prove logical to use more than one type of dri..
Be PVM:1982,64€
Gamintojas: ProAc Modelis: ProAc Response D Two
With superb midrange, and build quality, all make this a true compact monitor. ProAc loudspeakers have a reputation for exceptional sound and build quality. Our enclosures may look conventional but this hides the advanced technology required to build a rigid and well-damped cabinet. Our loudspeak..
Be PVM:2106,61€
Gamintojas: ProAc Modelis: ProAc Response D20R
The Response D18 has proven to be one of ProAc's most successful loudspeakers receiving critical worldwide acclaim. However, the D18 is only available with a dome tweeter, so to satisfy demand for people wanting a ribbon tweeter ProAc has redesigned the D18 using an upgraded cabinet with new bass lo..
Be PVM:2809,09€
Gamintojas: ProAc Modelis: ProAc Response D30
This new ProAc model offers a wonderfully natural, musical performance with pinpoint imagery that will appeal to audiophiles and music lovers all over the world ProAc has recently implemented the use of carbon fibre in the cones of the Response D40 and Carbon Pro 8, and Kevlar in the Tablette Anniv..
Be PVM:4668,60€
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