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Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS 3000 Micro
3000 Micro SubwooferReference Subwoofer Performance Just Went Micro.Chest-pounding, musical bass with depth, slam, and impact, from a shockingly compa..
Be PVM:825,62€
Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS PB1000pro
Frequency Response / Acoustic Data:* Frequency response graph does not denote maximum output capability17-260 Hz +/- 3 dB (standard mode)19-260 Hz +/-..
Be PVM:577,69€
Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS SB1000pro
Frequency Response / Acoustic Data:* Frequency response graph does not denote maximum output capability20-270 Hz +/- 3 dBExpect 2-3 Hz deeper extensio..
Be PVM:495,04€
Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB PWM3
PWM3 On-Wall SpeakerUltra-slim, single-channel flat-panel speakerAs the flagship, the PWM3 embodies the best qualities of the Performance Wall Mount S..
Be PVM:2271,90€
Gamintojas: Sonos Modelis: Sonos Roam
Nešiojama kolonėlė su WiFi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 22 Class-H digital amplifiers perfectly tuned to the drivers and speaker's unique acoustic archit..
Be PVM:164,46€
Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB PWM2
PWM2 On-Wall SpeakerUltra-slim, single-channel flat-panel speakerThe PWM2 achieves a level of tonal balance and detail which sets a new standard for o..
Be PVM:1445,45€
Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB PWM1
PWM1 On-Wall SpeakerUltra-slim, single-channel flat-panel speaker The PWM1 offers an outstanding performance for its modest size. It can reproduce the..
Be PVM:742,98€
Gamintojas: Monitor Audio Modelis: monitor audio WSS130
WSS130Marking the entry point into the Super Slim in-wall speaker range, the WSS130 is perfectly suited to multi-room audio and home cinema installati..
Be PVM:264,46€


Gamintojas: Chord Electronics Modelis: Chord Mojo
Geriausias DAC'as What HiFi 2018 metų apdovanojimuose £300-£500 kategorijoje.  Inputs: 1x Micro USB 768kHz/32-bit Capable Input 1x 3.5..
439,00€ 479,00€
Be PVM:362,81€
Gamintojas: Q Acoustics Modelis: Q Acoustics Q3050i
LEADING TECHNOLOGY; OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE The Q 3050i speakers boast a range of unique technologies including HPE™ and P2P™ to ensure these floorst..
649,00€ 799,00€
Be PVM:536,36€
Gamintojas: Q Acoustics Modelis: Q Acoustics Q3020i
BIGGER, BOLDER SOUND FROM THE Q 3020I The 3020i builds on the success of its multi award winning predecessor. Boasting 125mm (5 in) and 22mm (0.9 in)..
229,00€ 299,00€
Be PVM:189,26€
Modelis: Exposure 1010 su Q Acoustics q3050i
Komplektą sudaro stereo stiprintuvas Exposure 1010 ir garso kolonėlės Q Acoustics Q3050i Daugiau informacijos apie šiuos modelius - nuorodose ..
929,00€ 1388,00€
Be PVM:767,77€
Gamintojas: AudioQuest Modelis: audioquest dragonfly black
The Original DragonFly Launched in 2012, press and public alike have enthusiastically embraced AudioQuest’s multi-award-winning DragonFly USB digital..
Be PVM:81,82€