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Gamintojas: Bluesound Modelis: Bluesound Wireless Subwoofer Speaker Link
Wireless Subwoofer Speaker LinkAdd the PULSE SUB to any systemWith the RT100 you can pair any subwoofer wirelessly with the PULSE SOUNDBAR. The RT100 ..
Be PVM:106,61€
Gamintojas: Bluesound Modelis: Bluesound POWERNODE
POWERNODEWireless Multi-Room Music Streaming AmplifierThe BLUESOUND POWERNODE is the HiFi amp reinvented for the streaming age, combining audiophile-g..
Be PVM:742,98€
Gamintojas: Bluesound Modelis: Bluesound pulse soundbar+
PULSE SOUNDBAR+Wireless Streaming Sound SystemRaise your expectations with the PULSE SOUNDBAR+ featuring Dolby Atmos*, the ultimate audiophile-grade s..
Be PVM:825,62€
Gamintojas: Bluesound Modelis: Bluesound NODE tinklo grotuvas
NODEWireless Multi-Room Hi-Res Music StreamerThe Bluesound NODE unlocks the world of hi-res music streaming and multi-room audio to create a modern ad..
Be PVM:453,72€
Gamintojas: Tonar Modelis: Tonar Top tip
Anglies pluošto šepetėlis patefono adatėlei valytiPatefono adatėlės valiklis..
Be PVM:16,49€
Gamintojas: Rel Modelis: REL T9x
T/9xSerie T/x is instantly seen as crisper, fresher, a full upgrade . Our goals were not simply to improve upon its illustrious predecessor, but to de..
Be PVM:1238,84€
Gamintojas: Rel Modelis: REL T7x
T/7xT/7x is the perfect answer for the real world. It’s compact enough (and beautiful enough) to end arguments before they begin; while powerful enoug..
Be PVM:949,59€
Gamintojas: Rel Modelis: REL T5x
T/5xNo model in REL’s long history has sold more units nor engendered more affection than our T/5. Here reimagined in a modern, elegant, new form fact..
Be PVM:660,33€


Gamintojas: Chord Electronics Modelis: Chord Mojo
Geriausias DAC'as What HiFi 2018 metų apdovanojimuose £300-£500 kategorijoje.  Inputs: 1x Micro USB 768kHz/32-bit Capable Input 1x 3.5..
439,00€ 479,00€
Be PVM:362,81€
Gamintojas: Q Acoustics Modelis: Q Acoustics Q3050i
LEADING TECHNOLOGY; OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE The Q 3050i speakers boast a range of unique technologies including HPE™ and P2P™ to ensure these floorst..
649,00€ 799,00€
Be PVM:536,36€
Gamintojas: Q Acoustics Modelis: Q Acoustics Q3020i
BIGGER, BOLDER SOUND FROM THE Q 3020I The 3020i builds on the success of its multi award winning predecessor. Boasting 125mm (5 in) and 22mm (0.9 in)..
229,00€ 299,00€
Be PVM:189,26€
Modelis: Exposure 1010 su Q Acoustics q3050i
Komplektą sudaro stereo stiprintuvas Exposure 1010 ir garso kolonėlės Q Acoustics Q3050i Daugiau informacijos apie šiuos modelius - nuorodose ..
929,00€ 1388,00€
Be PVM:767,77€
Gamintojas: AudioQuest Modelis: audioquest dragonfly black
The Original DragonFly Launched in 2012, press and public alike have enthusiastically embraced AudioQuest’s multi-award-winning DragonFly USB digital..
Be PVM:81,82€