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Gamintojas: GoldenEar Modelis: GoldenEar SuperStand Floorstand
SuperStand FloorstandOverviewThe beautiful, stylish SuperStand floor and table stands for the SuperSat satellite speakers have a distinctive modern look. With their black, tempered-glass base and beautifully sculpted column, they have a form factor that perfectly compliments the shape and elegant st..
Be PVM:164,46€
Gamintojas: GoldenEar Modelis: GoldenEar SuperSat 3
SuperSat 3 Don't let its slim profile fool you — the SuperSat 3 means business. It will sing an enveloping, detailed song no matter where you place it, thanks to impactful woofers and a wide-dispersion tweeter. You can use a pair for two-channel music, or pick up four of them, along with the Su..
Be PVM:329,75€
Gamintojas: GoldenEar Modelis: GoldenEar SuperSat 50
GoldenEar SuperSat 50/50C garso kolonėlėsBig sound from a slim, powerful satellite speakerLooking for a space-saving speaker for your home theater? The GoldenEar SuperSat 50 delivers dynamic, accurate sound in conveniently slim package, thanks to its impactful drivers, passive bass radiators, and wi..
Be PVM:577,69€
Gamintojas: GoldenEar Modelis: GoldenEar ForceField 30
GoldenEar’s award-winning ForceField Series subwoofers are engineered from the ground up to deliver subtle musical detail, well-extended bass, high-impact slam, and the solid foundation for an expansive soundstage — all from attractive, compact enclosures that easily fit into any environment. The de..
Be PVM:742,98€
Gamintojas: GoldenEar Modelis: GoldenEar SuperCenterX
SuperCenter X Center Channel SpeakerOur smallest SuperCenter model is an amazingly compact center channel speaker. The SuperCenter X incorporates one 7˝ x 10˝ quadratic planar low frequency radiator for surprisingly full-range performance from a modest sized enclosure. The SuperCenter X is just the ..
Be PVM:742,98€
Gamintojas: GoldenEar Modelis: GoldenEar Aon 2 garso kolonėlės
Aon 2 Ultra-High-PerformanceCompact Bookshelf MonitorThe Aon 2 and 3 are exceptionally compact, ultra-highperformance bookshelf speakers that were originallydeveloped for use as near-field monitors in professionalmixing applications. The design goal was to producemodestly-sized shelf or stand-mounta..
Be PVM:825,62€
Gamintojas: GoldenEar Modelis: GoldenEar SuperSat 60
GoldenEar SuperSat 60A slim-but-powerful speaker for engaging home theater soundThe SuperSat 60 is GoldenEar's top-of-the-line home theater satellite speaker. It provides bigger sound and more bass than its little sibling, the SuperSat 50, but it still doesn't take up a lot of space. A pair of these..
Be PVM:908,26€
Gamintojas: GoldenEar Modelis: GoldenEar SuperCinema3D ArrayX
SUPERCINEMA 3D ARRAY XThe SuperCinema 3D Array soundbars are remarkable new loudspeaker systems that combine the elegant form factor of a soundbar with the extraordinary sonic performance of a true discrete-speaker surround system. The aesthetically compelling visual appeal of a soundbar is undeniab..
Be PVM:1156,20€
Gamintojas: GoldenEar Modelis: GoldenEar Super SubX
GoldenEar Super Sub XLike the SuperSub XXL, the ultra-compact SuperSub X utilizes the same dual-plane, patented† inertially-balanced driver array, but instead employs two horizontally-opposed 8˝ ultra-longthrow active drivers and two vertically-opposed 10-1/2˝ x 9-1/2˝ planar infrasonic radiato..
Be PVM:1404,13€
Gamintojas: GoldenEar Modelis: GoldenEar BRX garso kolonėlės
Bookshelf Speakers- BRX (Bookshelf Reference X)The BRX incorporates a 6” cast-basket bass/midrange driver, basically the same driver used in the Triton Reference . The tweeter is the Reference High-Gauss High-Velocity Folded Ribbon. The two drivers are perfectly blended with a unique “balanced cross..
Be PVM:1652,07€
Gamintojas: GoldenEar Modelis: GoldenEar Triton Seven
Triton Seven Tower SpeakersThe Triton Seven brings Speaker-of-the-Year Award winning Triton Series tower speakers’ performance into a more compact size and even more affordable price range. Although it is the first Triton Tower without a built-in powered subwoofer, it still achieves superbly deep, s..
Be PVM:1900,00€
Gamintojas: GoldenEar Modelis: GoldenEar Triton Five
Triton Five Tower SpeakersThe Triton Five is a larger version of the Award Winning Triton Seven, with greater dynamic range and even deeper bass extension, plus important refinements carried over from the Triton One development program. As with all of our Triton Towers, the Triton Five’s high-resolu..
Be PVM:2478,51€
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