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SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System The SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System works with nearly every subwoofer brand and model to improve bass performance while reducing floor and wall vibrations, noise artifacts and complaints from neighbors or roommates. De-coupling a subwoofer from the floo..
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Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS SoundPath Wireless Audio
SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter Kit SVS engineered the best wireless subwoofer adapter available and then made it better by designing it to pass a pristine and accurate full-range audio signal at CD-quality for the benefit of speaker owners. The SoundPath Wireless Audio Adapter reduces subwoofer c..
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Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS SoundPath Wireless Audio
SoundPath Tri-Band Wireless Audio AdapterTransmits a pristine LFE or full-range stereo audio signal up to 130-feet at 16-bit/48KHz with ultra-low latency. Tri-Band technology auto-switches between three wireless bands for use in crowded wireless signal areas where single-band wireless transmitters a..
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Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS Prime Satellite
INTRODUCING THE PRIME SATELLITE From the moment you feel the weight of the Prime Satellite Speaker, it becomes clear that no satellite speaker has ever offered this level of audiophile design, high-end components and precise build quality. Jets thunder through the sky. Bullets graze your ears. Prim..
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Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS Prime Center
PRIME CENTER: CLEAR DIALOGUE. SEAMLESS SOUNDSTAGE A center speaker has a challenging part to play. It has to be a soloist—delivering clear and natural dialogue across a broad soundstage. A split second later, it has to fill the role of back-up band—melding with the ambiance of the environment to co..
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Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS Prime Elevation
Prime Elevation Speaker SVS Prime Elevation speakers play any role in a home theater surround sound system amazingly well. Designed to easily mount directly to the wall or ceiling with the Multi-Purpose Wall Bracket (patent pending), the SVS Prime Elevation can be used as a direct-radiating height ..
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Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS Prime Wireless SoundBase
Prime Wireless SoundBase Prime Wireless SoundBase is a dual-threat audio component that brings high-resolution wireless audio streaming, advanced connectivity and smart control to conventional speakers or, using its line level output, creates a smart wireless music zone with your AV receiver or two..
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Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS Prime Bookshelf
PRIME BOOKSHELF: WORLD-CLASS PERFORMANCE, COMPACT FORM Designed for two-channel purists and home theater fans alike, there simply isn’t a finer bookshelf monitor available at even twice the price. Equally adept up front in home theater or 2-channel settings, or even as a surround speaker. No matter..
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Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS Prime Wireless
Smart. Immersive. Magic.A perfect fusion of intelligent control, endless versatility, future-facing connectivity options and most importantly, immersive, reference quality sound; the SVS Prime Wireless Speaker System delivers all the benefits of a powered wireless smart speaker with uncompromising a..
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Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS PB1000
INTRODUCING THE PB-1000 Deep bass that doesn't require deep pockets. The most forceful, detailed bass you can get for under $500. Your movies and music have never sounded better. The PB-1000 develops more clean, tight low end than competitive subwoofers many times the price. Never boomy or muddy, ..
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Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS SB1000pro
Frequency Response / Acoustic Data:* Frequency response graph does not denote maximum output capability20-270 Hz +/- 3 dBExpect 2-3 Hz deeper extension in small to mid-size rooms.2-meter ground plane away from reflective structures (quasi-anechoic).Roll-off slope specifically optimized to take maxim..
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Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS PC2000
PC-2000: Award-Winning 2000 Series Performance. Fresh All-New Cylinder Design. Introducing the new PC-2000, featuring all-new 500 watt amplifier and capable 12” driver in a refreshed and modern style. It’s better looking and better performing even than its revered predecessors leveraging SVS’s awar..
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