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Gamintojas: Leben Modelis: Leben rs30eq
RS-30EQ Phono Preamplifier equipped with CR-Type, Non-NFB phono equalizer RS-30EQ is equipped with the CR-type equalizer based on GE(General Electric/USA) 12AT7 authorized by J.A.N.(Joint Army & Navy) standard of the US Army, and can reproduce a very high quality and clear sound without addin..
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Gamintojas: Leben Modelis: Leben CS-300XS
SMALL AND POWERFUL TUBE EL84  CS-300X(S) is equipped with SOVTEK Tube EL-84 which has been welknown by audiophiles for its high sound quality against its small size. A high input sensitivity of EL84 does not require a complicated circuit and accordingly, it can create a low distortion output ..
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Gamintojas: Leben Modelis: Leben RS-28CX
There are two major types of RIAA phono equalization systems, one is NFB(Negative Feedback) type and the other is CR type.A representative preamplifier equipped with NFB type equalizer is the MARANTZ Model: 7.This is a 3-step amplification NF equalizer based on 12AX7, which applies NFB from the 3rd ..
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Gamintojas: Leben Modelis: Leben CS600X
TWO SELECTIONS OF OUTPUT TUBES: 6L6GC(5881) AND OPTIONAL 6CA7(EL34) TUBES. By switching two selectors inside of the cabinet, you can use either of 6L6GC or 6CA7 (EL34) , and LED indicators on the front panel will show you which tube is applied. POWER AMPLIFIER DIRECT SWITCH & INPUTS. "PREAM..
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Gamintojas: Leben Modelis: Leben CS1000P
High power output tube KT120(Super KT88)100W/ch(1KHz) at Pentode circuit (70W/ch at Triode).Pentode/Triode selector switchBias adjustment with a Cathode-direct meterSeveral type of output tubes are applicable by adjusting the cathodal electric current.Newly developed Orient-core output transformerA ..
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