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Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB CS605
CS605 – In-Ceiling SpeakerSharing the same tonal characteristics as its family members, this model is a wonderful introduction to PSB sound at a very affordable price. Featuring a 19mm (¾”) soft dome fabric tweeter and a 165mm (6½”) polypropylene cone, it’s well matched to offer wide and constant di..
Be PVM:131,41€
Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB CS805
Our entry level 203mm (8”) in-ceiling speaker is able to demonstrate the PSB signature hifi sound at a very reasonable price. Featuring a 25mm (1”) treated textile dome and 203mm (8”) polypropylene cone, which produce a wide and immersive sound with a deep bass presence, the CS805 can easily handle ..
Be PVM:247,11€
Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB Alpha P3
Alpha P3 – Compact BookshelfCompact and versatile without sacrificing performance.The Alpha P3 is a small two-way bookshelf speaker that brings hifi pedigree to your stereo or home theatre system to fill the room with crystal-clear sound. Featuring a custom 4” (102mm) woofer and aluminium dome tweet..
Be PVM:288,43€
Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB CS 610
CS610 – 6" In-Ceiling SpeakerSelect Performance In-Ceiling SpeakerThis premium architectural speaker embodies over 40 years of cutting-edge research in the field of acoustics and loudspeaker design. Musical, refined, and nearly invisible, these speakers can create a beautiful ambience, even in large..
Be PVM:288,43€
Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB M4U 8 MKII
Premium Wireless Active Noise Cancelling HeadphonesPSB’s award-winning wireless active noise cancelling headphones are reborn as the M4U8 MKII with exciting feature upgrades. Enhanced battery life and the latest noise cancelling technology will improve mobile listening, while Audiodo Personal Sound ..
Be PVM:371,07€
Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB Alpha C10
Alpha C10 – CentreMake your home theatre come alive.Leveraging the Alpha’s classic award-winning design, yet reimagined for the modern home theatre, the C10 is a must for a more immersive experience whether you’re streaming a movie, watching the big game, or enjoying your favourite show. With a blac..
Be PVM:412,40€
Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB Alpha P5
Alpha P5 – BookshelfBreakthrough design for incredible studio-quality sound.The P5 bookshelf speaker is a classic two-way design that can be placed on a stand, a shelf, a desk, or a table and is equally well-suited for home theater or stereo listening. Available in choice of simulated Walnut or Blac..
Be PVM:453,72€
Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB CS500
CS500 Universal In-Outdoor SpeakersUniversal Indoor/Outdoor SpeakerEnjoy true-to-nature sound indoors or outside with the PSB CS500 universal speaker. This rugged, all-weather indoor/outdoor speaker offers the ideal combination of reliability, seamless integration, and premium sound quality. Backed ..
Be PVM:453,72€
Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB Alpha S8
Huge Bass. Compact PricePSB redefined high performance and high value with their legendary Alpha Series speakers and the new Alpha S8 powered subwoofer continues that tradition in the all-important bass region. The new Alpha S8 offers a more compact footprint at an affordable price, while delivering..
Be PVM:495,04€
Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB Alpha AM3
Get more out of your audio with legendary PSB sound.The AM3 is a compact home music system that connects to virtually any device, wired or wirelessly, and delivers bold stereo sound for everything you enjoy, from vinyl to music streaming. Constructed with premium components and designed with decades..
Be PVM:495,04€
Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB Imagine XC
Performance focusedFeaturing a dual-woofer horizontal format with a pair of 5¼” (133mm) woofers, the Imagine XC is designed for optimal performance when paired with other components in your setup. PSB has matched the Imagine XC carefully in timbre with the other Imagine X models for the best versati..
Be PVM:495,04€
Gamintojas: PSB Modelis: PSB Imagine XA
Advanced vertically-firing driver arrayWorking with Dolby and using advanced acoustic research, PSB crafted the Imagine XA with custom-designed vertically firing drivers that accurately reflect sound off of your ceiling. The Imagine XA’s frequency response and directivity pattern have been specifica..
Be PVM:536,36€
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