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Gamintojas: Yamaha Modelis: Yamaha RXV4A
           RX-V4A 5.2-Channel AV Receiver with 8K HDMI and MusicCast Bring the theater home. This 5.2-channel 80 Watt AV receiver creates a powerful and advanced home theater experience with the latest in video processing and Dolby Digita..
479,00€ 599,00€
Be PVM:395,87€
Gamintojas: Yamaha Modelis: Yamaha RXV6A
         RX-V6A 7.2-Channel AV Receiver with 8K HDMI and MusicCastThis 7.2-channel, 100 Watt AV receiver boldly explores entertainment possibilities for an advanced home theater with the latest in video and audio, including Dolby Atmos Height Virtualizati..
639,00€ 799,00€
Be PVM:528,10€
Gamintojas: Onkyo Modelis: Onkyo TX-NR6100
TX-NR61007.2-Channel THX Certified AV ReceiverThe Onkyo TX-6100 7.2-Channel AV Receiver delivers precision sound and images with an emphasis on an enhanced gaming experience, own your opponents with HDMI 2.1 enhancements for gamersFeaturesPRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS210 W/Ch THX® Certified Select Dynamic Audi..
Be PVM:742,98€
Gamintojas: Yamaha Modelis: Yamaha RXA2A
RX-A2A                 A2A - 7.2 ch AVENTAGE with CINEMA DSP 3D, HDMI™ 7-in/1-out, Special A.R.T technology.7.2 Channel powerful surround sound with Zone2Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, Airplay 2, Spotify Connect and MusicCast m..
955,00€ 1099,00€
Be PVM:789,26€
Gamintojas: Onkyo Modelis: Onkyo TX-NR7100
Onkyo TX-NR71009.2-Ch. THX Certified Network A/VTHX® Certified Select cinema-reference soundTHX Certified Select guarantees the same reference volume and sound quality of a commercial cinema in rooms where the screen-to-seat distance is about 3.5 m. THX® certified receivers must pass 2,000 bench-tes..
Be PVM:1156,20€
Gamintojas: Yamaha Modelis: Yamaha RXA4A
          Feel your walls melt away. The A4A delivers realistic sound and video that transports you out of your home and into your favorite movie. Whether you’re watching, listening or gaming, you’ll feel completely immersed.7.2-channel 110-Watt powe..
1559,00€ 1799,00€
Be PVM:1288,43€
Gamintojas: Onkyo Modelis: Onkyo TX-RZ50
Onkyo TX-RZ509.2-Channel Network AV ReceiverUnleash the IMAX® Enhanced experienceIMAX Enhanced uses DTS:X® technology optimized for the IMAX signature experience and reproduces the full dynamic range of IMAX theatrical mixes. IMAX Mode delivers lMAX Enhanced content as the filmmakers intended.THX® C..
Be PVM:1321,49€
Gamintojas: Onkyo Modelis: Pioneer VSX-LX305
VSX-LX3059.2-Channel Network AV ReceiverThe VSX-LX305 ELITE 9.2-Channel AV Receiver brings multi-dimensional excitement to your home entertainment. Featuring Dirac Live® Room Correction, the VSX-LX305 is designed and built to be the cornerstone to delivering the ultimate experience for your movies, ..
Be PVM:1321,49€
Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: NAD T 758 V3i
T 758 V3iA/V Surround Sound ReceiverA performance update to our award-winning T 758 A/V Surround Sound Receiver, the T 758 V3i continues NAD’s ‘simple is better’ design philosophy by delivering a fluid user-friendly experience. From lifelike surround sound performance to heart thumping power, the T ..
Be PVM:1404,13€
Gamintojas: Onkyo Modelis: Pioneer VSX-LX505
VSX-LX5059.2-Channel Network AV ReceiverPioneer VSX-LX505 (VSXLX505) 9.2-Channel AV Receiver with  HDMI 2.1, DTS:X and Dolby AtmosFeaturing up to 9.2 channels and 120 watts of power per channel, IMAX® Enhanced Audio, and DIRAC Live® Room Correction, the Pioneer VSX-LX505 ELITE 9.2 Channel AV Re..
Be PVM:1486,78€
Gamintojas: Yamaha Modelis: Yamaha RXA6A
         A6A - 9.2 ch AVENTAGE with SURROUND:AI™, HDMI™ 7-in/3-out, the latest QCS407.9.2 channel {with 11.2 channel processing,2 channel XLR} powerful surround sound with Zone2/3/4Rated Output Power (20Hz-20kHz, 2ch driven) 150 W (8 ohms, 0.06% THD)..
2519,00€ 2899,00€
Be PVM:2081,82€
Gamintojas: Onkyo Modelis: Onkyo TX-RZ70
TX-RZ7011.2-Channel AV ReceiverThe all-new TX-RZ70 delivers remarkably pure sound, stellar visuals and the latest technologies to power the heart of your home entertainment system. Rest easy: With uncompromising high resolution audio/video reproduction, you'll enjoy movies, music and games exactly a..
Be PVM:2726,45€
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