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Gamintojas: Onkyo Modelis: Onkyo BD-SP353
Blu-ray Disc Player Affordable Blu-ray Disc Player with Hi-Res Audio Playback The sleek, minimalist lines of the BD-SP353 pack enough playback prowess to enliven any entertainment space. Partnered with one of Onkyo’s high-value home cinema systems, the BD-SP353 brings you the phenomenal detail and r..
Be PVM:205,79€
Gamintojas: Yamaha Modelis: Yamaha BD-S681
In addition to support for Blu-ray 3D™ playback and network functions such as Miracast™ compatibility and Wi-Fi built in, the BD-S681 offers many advanced features for high quality audio and video enjoyment, including 4K upscaling, CD Mode and Pure Direct. 4K Upscaling for Even Higher Video Quality..
Be PVM:296,69€
Gamintojas: Onkyo Modelis: Onkyo BD-SP809
Experience Reference-Quality Playback of Your Blu-ray Library As Onkyo’s flagship Blu-ray player, the THX® certified BD-SP809 is engineered to reproduce Full HD video at the highest possible fidelity. Qdeo™ processing technology from Marvell ensures pristine deinterlacing, noise-reduction, and 1080p..
Be PVM:412,40€
Gamintojas: Yamaha Modelis: Yamaha BD-A1060
Heavy and Stable Construction The BD-A1060 has a front panel made of high-grade aluminium. The top cover is 0.6 mm with a 0.6 mm thick steel plate, and the bottom chassis is 0.8 mm with a 1.2 mm thick steel plate. Compared to the previous model, it is 30% heavier, using a heavy base to provide a sta..
Be PVM:479,34€
Gamintojas: Sony Modelis: Sony UBP-X1100ES
Specifications Network YesUSB YesDisc Drive Yes (Precision Drive HD)Single/Changer SingleRegion Code (BD) BRegion Code (DVD) 2TV system Default Setting 50HzTV Type Default Setting 16:093DBD-ROM YesStreaming Yes (No 3D contents)Video (from camcorder) YesPhoto YesWiFiWi-Fi® Built in Yes (2.4 GHz,..
Be PVM:660,33€
Gamintojas: Pioneer Modelis: Pioneer UDP-LX500
Pioneer UDP-LX500 Blu-rayUniversal Disc Player for UHD BD, BD, DVD and CD with HDR10 and PQLSThe best player for all your HD content and much morePioneer’s brand-new universal disc player brings the spectacle of Ultra HD Blu-ray™ to your home entertainment, with four times the resolution of 1080p Fu..
Be PVM:908,26€
Gamintojas: Pioneer Modelis: Pioneer UDP-LX800
Pioneer UDP-LX800 Blu-rayUniversal Disc Player for UHD BD, BD, DVD and CD with HDR10 and PQLSThis flagship universal disc player is the embodiment of Pioneer’s considerable expertise amassed over the years through the development of successive optical disc players. Elaborately engineered for the ide..
Be PVM:1982,64€
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