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Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: NAD D3045
D 3045Hybrid Digital DAC AmplifierThe NAD D 3045 is everything a modern amplifier should be; compact, energy efficient, powerful, silent, High Resolution capable, and packed with cutting edge features like DSD and MQA playback. NAD’s expertise in both digital and analog engineering is on full displa..
Be PVM:660,33€
Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: NAD C568
C 568Compact Disc PlayerThe C 568 takes the superb performance of our 5-star rated C 565BEE and steps it up to the next level. Every aspect of sonic performance is enhanced and refined, making the C 568 the ideal companion to our C 368 amplifier, or any system in need of a performance upgrade.Key Fe..
Be PVM:742,98€
Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: NAD C588
C 588TurntableNAD is well known for innovative, high performance, yet affordable, turntables. While the basic operation of a turntable seems simple, extracting all the musical energy from the record grooves without exciting destructive resonances requires both science and art. Let’s take a closer lo..
Be PVM:742,98€
Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: NAD C268
C 268Stereo Power AmplifierA remarkably affordable stereo amplifier, the NAD C 268 has features and technology unmatched by other amplifiers in its class. Designed for multiple stereo setups, the C 268 can be used in a variety of scenarios, including traditional stacks with a preamplifier or for bi-..
Be PVM:825,62€
Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: NADC368
C 368Hybrid Digital DAC AmplifierWith the C 368 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier, your home audio system will never fall behind the pack. Thanks to our MDC technology, the C 368 is easily customisable and ready for all future features and upgrades. With the optional BluOS® module, the C 368 can connect ..
Be PVM:990,91€
Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: NADC388
C 388Hybrid Digital DAC AmplifierThe C 388 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier is at the top of its class in the world of affordable amplification. An incredibly powerful amp, the C 388 employs NAD technologies like Asymmetrical PowerDrive™ to ensure that even the most demanding speakers can be driven to l..
1399,00€ 1499,00€
Be PVM:1156,20€
Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: NAD C3050
NAD C 3050 Stereophonic AmplifierIn the C 3050 Stereophonic Amplifier, NAD’s 50-year history of innovation meets the future of hi-fi. With its dual VU meters, push-button input selectors, walnut-finished vinyl-clad cabinet, and 1970s cursive-style branding, the C 3050 recalls the components that hel..
Be PVM:1238,84€
Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: NAD C700
NAD C 700BluOS Streaming AmplifierBluOS STREAMING AMPLIFIERA Feast for the SensesThe C 700 BluOS Streaming Amplifier was designed for the streaming age. Connect your speakers, then use the intuitive BluOS app on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Mac to select the music you want to hear. It will sound ..
Be PVM:1238,84€
Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: NADC389
NAD C 389The NAD C 389 HybridDigital DAC amplifier can serve as the cornerstone of a high-performance audio system now – and for decades to come. Employing NAD’s proven HybridDigital UcD amplifier design and the same ESS Sabre DAC used in NAD’s acclaimed M33 BluOS streaming amplifier, the C 389 will..
Be PVM:1321,49€
Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: NAD T 758 V3i
T 758 V3iA/V Surround Sound ReceiverA performance update to our award-winning T 758 A/V Surround Sound Receiver, the T 758 V3i continues NAD’s ‘simple is better’ design philosophy by delivering a fluid user-friendly experience. From lifelike surround sound performance to heart thumping power, the T ..
Be PVM:1404,13€
Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: NAD C658
C 658BluOS Streaming DACThe NAD C 658 is a new kind of stereo component, one that at once changes preconceptions and opens new possibilities for audio reproduction. You see, there has never before been a component offering such a rich palette of both new and proven technology. Bold statements? Read ..
Be PVM:1652,07€
Gamintojas: NAD Modelis: NAD C399
NAD C399Perfect PowerTrickled down from NAD’s Masters Series, the C 399’s HybridDigital nCore amplifier can deliver 180 Watts per channel continuous power, and 250 Watts per channel instantaneous power. Highly efficient and remarkably powerful, the HybridDigital nCore amplifier can produce musical t..
Be PVM:1817,36€
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