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PSB W-LCR2 – įmontuojama kolonėlė

PSB W-LCR2 – įmontuojama kolonėlė

W-LCR2 – 3 way In-Wall Speaker

Enclosed Three-Way In-Wall LCR Speaker

A true hifi in-wall speaker, the W-LCR2 uses two 5¼” (133mm) woofers along with a 4? (102mm) midrange driver that flawlessly transitions to a 1? (25mm) titanium dome tweeter. With a nearly invisible presence, the W-LCR2 is faultless or either a stereo or home theater application, a perfect example of how PSB has redefined how music and movies can sound in the home.

Adapted for the home

The W-LCR2 in-wall speaker is a three-way design employing two 5¼” (133mm) woofers along with a 4? (102mm) midrange driver and the same 1? (25mm) titanium dome tweeter as found in the Imagine Series. The midrange and tweeter are mounted in a rotatable sub-assembly to allow for uniform dispersion whether the speaker is oriented vertically or horizontally.

Amazingly musical

The W-LCR2 sounds fantastic as a centre channel speaker; its highly developed midrange driver provides excellent speech intelligibility. Used as part of a two-channel system, LCR front-channel array, or a full surround system, the W-LCR2 is the perfect speaker where both sound quality and design are of the utmost importance. The W-LCR2 is also amazingly musical and can easily substitute for a pair of floorstanding speakers in a dedicated listening room.

Performance without compromise

Featuring a carefully engineered enclosure that ensures its acoustic integrity in any installation, the W-LCR2 is a sound investment for your home. If you’re looking for the controlled performance of a three-way tower speaker with the invisibility of an in-wall, the CustomSound W-LCR2 gives you both with zero compromise.

Two 5¼” (133mm) clay/ceramic reinforced polypropylene cone woofers

4? (102mm) polypropylene cone midrange driver

1? (25mm) titanium done, ferrofluid-cooled tweeter

Frequency response: 65-23,000Hz (±3dB)

Includes magnetic “frameless” grille with fabric scrim

Size (W x H x D)

Cutout Dimension – 10 x 23” * (253 x 585mm)

Mounting Depth – 3 3/4” * (95mm)

Grille Dimensions – 11 1/2 x 24 5/8 x 3/8” * (292 x 624 x 7mm)


Net – 17.6lb (8.8kg)/each

Shipping – 24lb (10.9kg)/pair

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PSB W-LCR2 – įmontuojama kolonėlė
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