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Gamintojas: Q Acoustics Modelis: Q Acoustics Q3000WB
The 3000WB Wall Bracket is a unique ‘Tilt and Turn’ loudspeaker bracket. It’s adjusted via a single Allen bolt and allows the 3010, 3020 and 3090C models to be mounted almost flat to the wall or angled down and/or sideways. For a perfect visual finish, each bracket comes complete with both black ..
Be PVM:23,97€
Gamintojas: GoldenEar Modelis: GoldenEar SuperSwivel laikikliai
GoldenEar Technology SuperSwivel Wall Mount BracketUniversal Swivel Wall Mount Bracket for SuperSat and 3D Array Models /pairThe SuperSwivel™ is a universal swivel-type wall mount intended for use with GoldenEar Technology SuperSat® Speakers, 3D Array® Soundbars, or similar loudspeakers with 1/4-20 ..
Be PVM:48,76€
Gamintojas: Q Acoustics Modelis: Q Acoustics QA2130
Stiklinė lentynėlė, centrinei garso kolonėlėi...
Be PVM:48,76€
Gamintojas: Q Acoustics Modelis: Q Acoustics QA2140
Stiklinė lentynėlė, lentyninėms arba galinėms efektinėms garso kolonėlėms...
Be PVM:48,76€
Gamintojas: Bluesound Modelis: Bluesound PULSE FLEX Wall Mount
PULSE FLEX Wall Mount BracketHang your PULSE FLEX almost anywhereEasily mount the PULSE FLEX on your wall with the WM100 Wall Mount and position the speaker to your liking. Precision engineered with high-grade materials to perfectly match the PULSE FLEX, the WM100 uses a tilt-and-swivel design that ..
Be PVM:57,02€
Gamintojas: Q Acoustics Modelis: Q Acoustics 60WB
Q Acoustics 60WB Subwoofer lentynėlėtinka 3060S and 7060S kolonėlėmBenefits of Wall MountingWall-mounting a subwoofer not only reinforces it’s deep bass performance but gets it of the floor where it could be toppled by pets and children. Cable access is from below so discrete cable runs can still be..
Be PVM:61,98€
Gamintojas: Q Acoustics Modelis: Q Acoustics Q WB75
A sturdy wall bracket boasting a 'tilt and turn' mechanism, a Concept 30 standmount or Concept 90 center channel speaker and Q Active 200 bookshelf speakers can be mounted almost flat to the wall or angled down or sideways. Available in black or white finishes. Features ‘Tilt and Turn’ loud..
Be PVM:65,29€
Gamintojas: Bluesound Modelis: Bluesound PULSE FLEX Wall Mount
PULSE Wall Mount BracketUniversal Wall Mount for PULSE & MINIEasily mount your PULSE, or PULSE MINI to the wall with the WM200 Wall Mount. Precision engineered with high-quality materials, the WM200’s swivel design allows you to place the speaker at an optimal angle for enhanced sound quality. R..
Be PVM:90,08€
Gamintojas: Soundstyle Modelis: Soundstyle Z2
Features: Rigid Column Construction Excellent torsional rigidity Improved grounding with floor Spikes prevent flattening of carpet Specifications: Packing Dimensions (WxHxD): 225 x 568 x 305mm Gross Weight (kg) 12.0 Top Load Weight (kg) 50 New Z2 Improvements: Column damping reduces ‘r..
Be PVM:114,88€

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Gamintojas: Bluesound Modelis: Bluesound stovas
StovasPULSE M & FLEX Adjustable StandAdjustable Floor Stand for PULSE M & PULSE FLEXThe FS230 Floor Stand gives you ultimate placement flexibility for the PULSE M and PULSE FLEX. Hold up the speakers as standalone units or use multiple floor stands to complete a surround sound setup. The FS2..
Be PVM:131,41€
Gamintojas: GoldenEar Modelis: GoldenEar SuperStand Floorstand
SuperStand FloorstandOverviewThe beautiful, stylish SuperStand floor and table stands for the SuperSat satellite speakers have a distinctive modern look. With their black, tempered-glass base and beautifully sculpted column, they have a form factor that perfectly compliments the shape and elegant st..
Be PVM:164,46€
Gamintojas: Q Acoustics Modelis: Q Acoustics 3000FSI
Classic, stable triple upright design Acoustically damped columns Textured Satin Finish in black or white Designed to fit 3010i, 3020i and 3090Ci Specifications: Dimensions W x H x D: 250 x 682 x 290 mm ( 9.8 x 26.9 x 11.4in) Weight (each): 6.2 kg (13.7 lb)..
Be PVM:172,73€
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