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SVS SB12-NSD bosinė kolonėlė SVS SB12-NSD bosinė kolonėlė
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Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS SB12-NSD
SB12-NSD SubwooferPowerful enough to energize a space with deep, effortless bass yet compact enough to complement any room décor without taking over visually at the lowest price ever for a new SVS subwoofer. Featuring a high excursion 12-inch driver and conservatively rated 400 watts RMS, 800+ watts..
549,00€ 799,00€
Be PVM:453,72€
Gamintojas: Rel Modelis: REL HT/1003
TYPE: Closed box, front-firing driver ACTIVE DRIVER SIZE & MATERIAL: 10 in., 250mm long-throw, CarbonGlas™ cone structure, inverted carbon fibre dust cap, steel chassis PASSIVE RADIATOR SIZE & MATERIAL: NA LOW FREQUENCY EXTENTION: -6dB at 24 Hz INPUT CONNECTORS: Dual purpose Low Lev..
Be PVM:478,51€
Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS PB1000
INTRODUCING THE PB-1000 Deep bass that doesn't require deep pockets. The most forceful, detailed bass you can get for under $500. Your movies and music have never sounded better. The PB-1000 develops more clean, tight low end than competitive subwoofers many times the price. Never boomy or muddy, yo..
Be PVM:495,04€
Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS SB1000
SB-1000: Impressive deep, clean SVS-bass in an inconspicuous 13" cabinet. Like a stick of dynamite, the SB-1000 is easy to conceal—but its impact hard to ignore. It’s the most SVS-bass that can be condensed into a 13” package. Pumping out loads of fast, clean, bottom end—action-scene punches hit you..
Be PVM:495,04€
Bowers & Wilkins ASW610 bosinė kolonėlė Bowers & Wilkins ASW610 bosinė kolonėlė
Gamintojas: Bowers & Wilkins Modelis: Bowers & Wilkins ASW610
ASW610SubwooferASW610's long-throw 250mm driver allows it to move the large volumes of air needed for high-quality low-frequency output, and its audiophile-standard 200W Class D amplifier keeps the compact unit running cool.FeaturesInput level (line in)Input level (speaker in)Low-pass filter bypassB..
Be PVM:495,87€
Gamintojas: Rel Modelis: REL T5i
Purity Reimagined The Stunningly Simple T/5i Simplify, Then Add Lightness: Simplicity is its own reward and T/5i reduces the classic cubic sub to its bare essence. A single, high quality AlloyFibre™ composite driver and down firing orientation produces maximum coupling with the floor and eliminates ..
Be PVM:519,83€
Gamintojas: Monitor Audio Modelis: monitor audio bronzew10
All the audiophile-like transparency of New Bronze’s low-distortion design regimen concentrated in the bass domain. This is New Bronze bass, deeply provisioned, authentically proportioned and dynamically fleet of foot, re-tooled from the ground up to punctuate the sound of every New Bronze system wi..
Be PVM:537,19€
Gamintojas: Davis Acoustics Modelis: Davis Acoustics Basson 150
Active Subwoofer :  150 W Frequency cut : 40-150 Hz Woofer:   25 cm Phase 0 - 180 Dimensions (cm) : 35 x 45 x 45..
Be PVM:644,63€
Gamintojas: Rel Modelis: REL HT/1205
TYPE: Closed box, front-firing driver ACTIVE DRIVER SIZE & MATERIAL: 12 in., 300mm long-throw, CarbonGlas™ cone structure, inverted carbon fibre dust cap, steel chassis PASSIVE RADIATOR SIZE & MATERIAL: NA LOW FREQUENCY EXTENTION: -6dB at 22 Hz INPUT CONNECTORS: ..
Be PVM:660,33€
Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS SB2000
The SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer combines power, quickness, intelligent processing, and innovative driver design to deliver an unrivaled bass experience for music, movies, TV and everything you listen to. Enjoy deeper, more impactful sound experiences worthy of emotional and visceral reactions. The SVS SB..
799,00€ 899,00€
Be PVM:660,33€
Gamintojas: Bose Modelis: BOSE Bass Module 700
Garsas kurį galite jausti  Mėgstate savo naująjį BOSE Soundbar 700 bet norite, jog garso našumas išaugtų virš visko? Pridėkite Bose Bass Module 700 - tai skirtumas tarp boso girdėjimo ir griaustinio pojūčio. Sukurtas išimtinai Bose Soundbar'ui 700, tai geriausias belaidžio boso modulis, kurį k..
Be PVM:661,12€
Gamintojas: SVS Modelis: SVS PC2000
PC-2000: Award-Winning 2000 Series Performance. Fresh All-New Cylinder Design. Introducing the new PC-2000, featuring all-new 500 watt amplifier and capable 12” driver in a refreshed and modern style. It’s better looking and better performing even than its revered predecessors leveraging SVS’s awar..
849,00€ 949,00€
Be PVM:701,65€
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